Jeannetta R. Blackmon, a native of Charlotte, North Carolina. I am an author, speaker, and Life Coach that focuses on Changing the Mindset. And I am the founder of J Renee Girls Talk, a nonprofit organization designed to educate children, adolescents, and adults with the proper tools to be successful in life. I am also a Real Estate investor in the Charlotte NC area.

I believe my purpose in life is to promote the welfare of others and meet them at their point of need. I have a strong desire to assist others in reaching their next level in life. I want my life and coaching tools to be exemplary so that it will provoke distinctive attributes and characteristics in individuals for their life’s growth; hoping this will enable all to create endless opportunities. My goal is to captivate a diversified group of people internationally to effect a radical change creating open doors of grand opportunities and ultimately helping and building pathways to learning, leadership, and life skills.

It was my personal journey down a rough path that led me to my current life’s purpose and work. I always knew that my purpose in life was to serve people in some form or fashion, but it wasn’t until much later in life that I discovered my God-given purpose. I discovered it after many life trials and the overcoming of life adversities. I was a single, struggling mom who kept making numerous bad decisions; terrible decisions when it came to relationships, employment, credit, and finances. All that led to a path of destruction and depression.

I remember being so broke I couldn’t take my daughter to school. I only had $.97cent and I was sitting at the gas pump searching in the console and under the car seats trying to find 3 pennies to get at least a $1.00’s worth of gas. Sadly, I told my daughter, “I can’t take you to school today.”

This vicious cycle continued throughout her high school and early college years. It was my desire for her to attend college away from home so I knew I had to do something different. I had to change my mindset and begin making better choices for myself and my daughter. So I began to write, what I call “My 2016 Declarations!” I jotted down various bible scriptures and I began implementing those scriptures into my daily life. I also wrote a 12 Step Plan for “Becoming a New You!” Every day, as I began reciting my Declarations and implementing the 12-Steps in my daily routine, I could see my life beginning to change.

This was my turning point! A very crucial point of failure to properly provide for my daughter while attending college. The mismanagement of finances had leaked into her early college years. I remember her calling home one day with trembling in her voice because her meal card had been rejected and she feared being locked out of her dorm. Her fear ignited something deep on the inside of me. I knew then that I had to do something different immediately. My mindset had to change! So I began identifying the issues that I had allowed to lead me to this broke and brokenness point. I recognized my lack of financial budgeting & financing, and the knowledge and the importance of credit. I started writing down my income versus my expenses. Then I started to eliminate everything that wasn’t needed. I then aggressively began lowering my debt and paying my bills on time. It was a struggle and sacrifice because I had to cut a lot of things out such as entertainment and eating out. And happily, CaTina graduated from college in May 2017.

After graduation, I felt compelled to help others in need of guidance and assistance with overcoming life’s adversities, especially those self inflected issues caused by our own bad decisions. I want to encourage others that it can be done. My desire is to properly inform others of my mistake in life, hoping that my past experiences can help someone to overcome and reach the next level in life. 

This is what motivated me to write the book “NO MORE TEARS; Begin to Live Again,” which is about changing your mindset to overcome life adversities. So I pray, as I share my story that it will ignite the gifts inside others; inspiring them to attain their goals. My ultimate goal is to help and encourage others in changing their mindset so that they can build successful pathways in life.


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