Jeannette Renee Blackmon is a #1 Best Selling author. No More Tears is about changing your mindset and taking the proper steps to overcome the adversities of life. It gives you tools and guidance to breaking the bondage that holds you captive so you can begin to live happy and free again.

After many years of tears, today I smile. I smile because I no longer allow my emotions to get the best of me. My smile is genuine because I’m no longer imprisoned by my emotions being totally out of school due to my bad financial and relationship decisions. I’m no longer enslaved by destructive thoughts that were keeping me bound.
Jeannetta R. Blackmon

No matter what your past entails, YOU CAN HAVE A FRESH NEW START! A second chance is right around the corner. You just need positive reinforcement and strategic tips from an experienced life coach. If you are ready to achieve your goals and start again, get your copy of No More Tears today.